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Spooktacular 2012 @ Fort Siloso

While everyone's at Fort Canning for David Guetta, I'm at Fort Siloso getting Spooked!

The halloween event, Spooktacular, could be said to be one of the scariest ever to me! It's also my very first time going for this kind of horror fest. What I usually do is dress up as some lame costume and go around laughing at people in costumes on Halloween, not on normal days la or that'll be weird :D I've never been a fan of horror movies nor getting my adrenaline pumped high kind of girl but decided to give it a try cause I've got balls! Not really, I was kinda grabbing everything and everyone around me as tight as I can, shouting " Don't touch me! Don't touch me!". At first when we reached there, the entrance were full of ghost and monsters, was initially freaked out knowing it hasn't even started yet and I'm already feeling scared but other girls were screaming and running around so the ghost somehow targeted them more and I was laughing too much that I didn't even notice some of the ghosts at all :D So if you do not want the ghost to attack you, just keep calm and act as if you're not afraid or they'll target you! But I was really glad to have met this group of people from Yahoo! whom I somehow destroyed their shirts, hands and ears with all my grabbing and screaming, what a first impression eh. It was kinda more fun with them around :D I just kept apologizing for stepping on their feet, or what so ever and I always end it with, "there's more to come". What more, when we were at the toilet area, we saw a real tombstone that I didn't even dare pee. Like a real one a few metres away from us. Like holyshit. Was chanting throughout that "it's not real, nothing's real". Until I saw that tombstone and all of them confirm that it's real -___-

Have always wondered if the ghost were ever scared by their own peeps before, like turn around and scare each other, that would be fun to watch :D I don't get how they survive not smiling nor have any expression that I don't think I could ever do their part. I'll never be a good ghost by the way I keep laughing when someone screams :D Evil evil me~

More about the event, it's Sentosa's 4th year holding Spookacular but the first time using Fort Siloso as the location for the event. I heard it's one of the biggest Asian themed horror fest yet. That scares me, have been hearing that asian themes are the scariest compared to Dracula, Frankenstein and Mummys. With Fort Siloso already having rumors of having ghostly encounters, having the halloween event there was like the ideal location. Sentosa Spooktacular’s Horror Trails include Ouija Board, Camp Berhantu, Deadly Doll Studio, The Land of Lost Souls as well as The Last Sequel, to retell their hair-raising accounts of bloody murders, painful tortures and tragic deaths. I heard there were like 200 ghost and some may not even be real as in humans, if you know what I mean~ Actually I saw a few pictures with ghostly faces at corners but just assume that it's human, shan't post it....
Our Media passes which I was worried would break from all the pulling and grabbing as it was made of cloth but thank god it didn't~ Oh ya, Silver was saying that the back of the media pass looked like a "fu" those that wand of spirits and yes! It does!

 The entrance to Spooktacular was an eerie one, and after entering the place, it caused even more tension with the so many ghost floating around at every corner.

I didn't want to stand infront at all as I would be targeted first, so I kept insisting of standing at the back so I can see the front people get shock and laugh at them :D I love turning scary moments into funny ones!  To me, it's fun-ner that way!
 It was a legit drinks store!! Nothing hidden in the cart and stuff~
This kinda creeped me out..
GUMIHO! Love the show and this girl was pretty cute too! We kinda reached our hands out and glide towards each other like long lost friends :D
And into the tunnel~ Thank god my claustrophobia didn't act up as I was kind of distracted by everything around :D I think tunnels are creepy especially when the lights were all off.
Getting ready to get into the battle ground to shoot zombies!! 
 I kept shooting them but they didn't die -____- At least fake die a bit ma, they even shot me back and I had that dramatic "urg urg" scene where I pretend to get shot, see I'm a much better "kena shot" actor ;D It was hard trying to shoot zombies, take photos and getting scared.

Was told that during actual event days (19, 20, 26-28 Oct), only the first 100 pax will enjoy the interactive part of the trail (i.e. the laser tag). The rest of the guests will go through the trail without the laser tag guns. So please be there early to avoid disappointment!
There were this Oppa Zombit style dance thing going on but we just hurried on and missed it. Catch it if you can!
 This was my favorite trail with a twisted sense of humor to it. Was totally in love with the thai ladyboys. The guy/girl we took photo with kept insisting that he's a man in a costume until when guys came and he turned all sissy again~ SO adorbs :D

 There lots and lots of tunnels and before entering this, they suddenly told us to squat if we were ever scared. That scare me even more! Like is it that serious???

Our resting place before another round of shock-a-thon!
The map around fort siloso and the trails to go to.
I got shocked crazy here with shiz ganging up with the ghost to shock me when I was taking photos.
 I initially thought the guy on the left was a dummy until it scared us -____- And the lady's laugh was rather creepy =/ And at the window of the same house, there were sudden knocking of the window pane and the guy behind us highfived the hand! "Hit back, hit back!' I said to the guy who highfived the hand :) I kinda pitied the guy behind the window pane having to sit there in the middle of the night with no lights at all hitting window panes. scaryyy~

The gang from Yahoo! whom was super nice and didn't get angry despite how many times I grabbed their shirt, screamed in their ear and squashed their hands :D Thanks for making the experience an even better one than it already is!
 I was actually trying to pull the guy's shirt as he was the one I pulled the most and even said that it's getting bigger all thanks to me :D

Actually I remembered once going into a haunted house very long time ago and all I did was hid under someone's very sweaty shirt...
Mahjong until you die. Dedicated to all my mahjong siao friends. Yes, you.
Multiracial ghost together. Asian themed alright~
Took photo with this guy twice. He was like the cutest, dancing around and stuff :D
Here's how I say Bye when I die~ Or maybe how I look when I climb out of my tomb.
There were many more gross and scary stuff but shall not show too many pictures in case I spoil your experience there, just go check it out for yourself if you want a good scare and lose some weight as I've heard that when your heart pumps really fast, you'd lose weight. HEH~ Honestly, it was really fun if you regard getting scared, fun :D I have a very detailed profile of the ghosts there, let me know if you're interested in reading up on them.

The event's held on these following dates 19, 20, 26, 27, 28 of October 2012. SO be there before it ends! There's the early bird tickets but it's already fully sold, this is how eggs it is man! So get the regular priced tickets before it's sold out too!! Not sure if it's worth it? Go for it and then you'll know ;) Check out their Website for more information at Spooktacular and like their facebook cause I said so~ no laaa, cause there's like up to date updates there ;D

Ps. It's really really hot there, so bring your necessary stuff to keep cool and get the express ticket if you don't like queuing, thank god I was in the expres queues so it was faster, the rest who were queuing, I really feel hot and tired for them.

I wanna thank OMY for picking me to be one of their blogger to attend the super sneak preview of Sentosa Spooktacular 2012 :D Thanks so much and I did indeed enjoy my time there and hope to see more of you guys :D

To end it off, it was shitass peepantingly scary to me! Good luck~

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