Monday, December 31, 2012

Officially 21 :D

I'm finally 21!

Anyway I'm blogging this on the 18th of feb. Too busy to even touch mu blog recently and there are too many things happening that I don't even know where to start blogging from. Oh wells, lemme blog about my birthday as simple as I could remember.

I celebrated my birthday with a whole full day of eating. Brunch, dinner and supper and what we did inbetween is just to stroll around waiting for the next meal to arrive :D It was a foodful day :D

The day started off with a rather gloomy sky and the clouds were seen to be covering the top parts of buildings. Like genting in sg :D

So first stop, Club Street Social. Sy was trying to surprise me with the first food place but when he keyed in the address into the GPS, I already knew ;)
So that's for brunch, too late for breakfast, so breakfast for lunch :D We keep having brunch too frequently.

Next stop, dinner. Hate it that my birthday is on new year's eve and all the dinners are so ex, so not worth it. Novus Restaurat & Bar at the Museum, never would I have thought that he'll bring me here :) Was totally in love with the high ceilings but for club street and this. Have no idea what the food are called so just, Pics :D

Supper and for Countdown! Didn't know where to go so last minute hopped into P.s Cafe just 10mins before 12midnight. Was rather full from our dinner so we just had drinks they had lots of free snacks for us :D
So that's all for my 21st :D

I can officially go into casinos but I always forget that.

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First few moments of being 21 with MTLs

The first ever MTL get together was on my birthday when this group of awesome people suddenly appeared at my house after midnight. They didn't wanna make it so obvious and appear at exactly midnight so they wait half an hour :D How sweet right.

I honestly thought nobody was gonna count down to my birthday with me as everyone was tired and gonna sleep. And I thought I would be spending my first few moments being 21, opening presents which I've waited till midnight to open and maybe reply FB wishes. But who knew, when I was opening my presents half way, this group shocked me by singing the birthday song damn loudly outside my house even before them being seen. SO shocked and surprised :D I think this was the most successful surprise like ever, as most of the time I would be able to sense something but not this time :D

They hanged around till almost 4am before going home even though some of them had army or stuff to do the next day. I cannot think of a better way to spend that first few moments ;D So much joy and loud laughter :D

Check out this roughly edited video that took me a week to do as I was quite busy. Summarizing half an hour of clips to just a mere 3mins 40secs.

Don't judge my song choice! It's a very meaningful song about friendship and it suits this video so perfectly.

& MTL was born~
Ben behind the balloons ;D

Lastly, Thanks so much & I LOVE YOU GUYS :D

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My 21st Birthday, finally...

My 21st Birthday have been the day I've always been looking forward to. Planning it since I was 19 and booking the room even before my 20th birthday. My life kinda revolved around that day and dieting and all that just for it(I lost 10kg since my heaviest #justsaying). Now that it's over, I feel rather empty and nothing much for me to look forward to.
Supposedly Vintage Classic Themed which only a few dressed accordingly.
 Took me some time to finish designing the invitation card, though I only gave out a few, to those whom I've met after the card was done and before my birthday :D It was so cute, with the size smaller than the average namecard :D

Although it was a very fun and memorable day for me, It would be the first and last time I celebrate my birthday like this again, too many cliques together makes it hard for me to entertain everyone, it's hard... Nonetheless, I hope everyone had fun and had the time to just chill at the balcony with the awesome view. Though there wasn't stars that night, it was good enough for me that it didn't rain :D

Planned to reach the hotel at 12pm but ended up preparing by 12pm and reaching at 2pm. Leaving me not enough time to just relax and enjoy some alone time. Started out rushing to prepare the props and food and decos and soon enough, people started coming in.

The day started with rather gloomy skies with signs of rain and some of them got stranded at the MRT station and I didn't have time to go over to fetch them. It was such a busy busy day. I really wish I had the time to just slow down and let people come to me instead. Oh wells. Thank god the rain stopped and with every one coming in, even more came! I didn't have the time to really talk to each and every one of them and I felt damn guilty over it. Hope everyone forgives me for that seeing that it's my birthday? Special girl gets special treatment right? :D

I really wanna thank kaili and shiyi for being there early to help out, if not for them, I would be in such a chaotic state. And all the people who helped me prepare the food and collecting the,=m, I know who you are :D Oh ya, we missed the complimentary food provided at the lounge as we totally forgot about it.

Overall, it was such an enjoyable day seeing everyone that came with so much smiles wherever I turned and I just kept taking photos after photos :D  Let the tons of photos begin!
The gloomy skies.
It started to pour, was so afraid that it wouldn't stop.

My mini mama shop :D Vintage leh!
The early bunch ;D
My girls!
Kwok & Khai!
The Cheah Sisters all the way from KL :D
The go Hongkong tgt peeps! :D
The early Jyss
Some of them were late and some left early, so I decided not to wait anymore and do the cake cutting before the sun set~ It was such an ideal time for photos, with such awesome backdrop and not too bright nor too dark.

Have always been fearing this moment where I had to stand in the center with all eyes on me, with no idea what to do while the birthday song is sang and not wanting the candles to go out before I even blow it. But everything went perfectly, I couldn't ask for anything more :)

Oh ya, anyways, I designed my own birthday cake! Loved it, other than the "Happy Edwiana Birthday" Who says that? Oh well, made it even more unique that way :D

Cake Cutting Time!
Who says family have to be big? 3 is enough :)
My beloved primary school bff :)
Secondary School peeps YO :)
Poly Designers :)
Hongkongers :D
Shiyi's Family :)
AGers! Aunties and Uncle mens, missing one auntie :D
So that's everyone :D
One tough cake to cut ~ Like seriously, the choc was soooo thick.
And so the night time photo spam begins :D

BCDE who survived the end of the world in KL'12 :D
UK-ers :)
CEK :)
1e4 :)
The "OMG Jia hui is here just on time!" face :D
2e3 :)
3e4 & 4e4 :)
OMG, clar is in every single group photo since the night time photo spam began. HAH!

He frigging made this gigantic cotton candy, took him long enough~
In the cozy lil hut :D
Best Bud, Dude I Cook Kite!
The bunch :)
Officially one of them :D
When coolness cannot be described :D

Wahahaha :D
My beloved Mehems!
Toilet, our second home since sec sch ;D
From school toilet to toilets with bath tubs :D
When the party goes too wild and bubbles start sticking onto hairs :D
Sec sch bff :D
The guys!
Night fell and I did not realise that it was already so late, but the fun shall continue no matter how tired we are :D
The human Tree :D
My crazy girls ;D
The steadiest cupcakes like ever!
Love my cupcakes :D
The turts :D
The people who stayed till late and witnessed some insane soccer ever in my history~
Fav smell, like EVER!
After the long bath and before I knocked out :D
Woke up to slowly checking out how my room actually looks after the insanely busy night of so much fun and laughter. It was so much fun and I could ask for nothing more :D

Was sooo in love with the balcony and could totally sleep there if not for the drizzle and the comfy bed calling out for me :D
The sofa which I sat for not more than 5mins~
Got some of the wicked-est gifts ever :D
Here's ending the 21st birthday chain of the 1991 babies with an awesome scenic view! I really appreciate everyone who came, making the party such a success and hope you guys had so much fun! You guys made it happen! So much thoughts and feelings but not everything could be put to words, some are just left in my heart and it's just for me to know :) Last but not least, thanks for the gift of friendship, it meant so much :D

Finally, everyone's 21! Time for crazy things to be done!

Took me long enough to finally finish this post. Lots of things that day was a blur but I know I was happy, that was all I asked for :D

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